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How to install android applications themselves address the latest

How to install android applications themselves address the latest

Now it's been an awful lot of android-based smartphones in the market in Indonesia, probably more than 50% of the population of indonesia using the Hp Android ranging from children, teens, adults and seniors who've probably .

Because Android belongs to the new operating system, so there are some people who have not learned will be advanced features that exist on the smartphonenya itself. Many users often complain if hp androidnya that's slow, how can that be? Yes how not lemot? with little memory installed more than 20 applications? 

Plus there is an application that runs on the background resulting in application installed itself without your knowledge. This happens because the application that you install previously contain adware or virus so the hp android will download the application yourself.

How To Troubleshoot Hp Android Often Own Download
But don't panic just yet and brought it to the counter/service hp, because you can try to fix it yourself without having to pay, here's how:

1. Install ESET Mobile Security Antivirus &

ESET antivirus application is one that is very potent so far to eradicate the viruses on the Hp android you especially the Adware problem is very disturbing. So far only ESET which are able to detect Adware and virus on Android.
First download the application install ESET Mobile & Security [Download here]
Open the application and select the Antivirus Scan, change the Level becomes Deepand then scans the Device and wait for processing to complete.

If there is a virus on your mobile phone or application that is considered dangerousit will pop up a warning like the image above, select Resolve All. If anyone does get deleted then do step no. 2 here.

2. go to Safe Mode and Stop Application
After doing a Deep Scan and found malicious applications that can not be removed (Unresolved Threats) then the most potent way to let android do not download an application on its own in a way stop service/application.

Here's how:

First restart your Hp Android and go into Safe Mode, Safe Mode go into umtuk possible way will be different depending on the type/brand of hp, so please Googling.
For this case we use the Samsung Galaxy 2 Grand and how to enter into safe mode,shut down or turn off the phone and then restart again but press the power buttonuntil the writing/Galaxy logo appears and then release the Grand power and press volume down to successfully restart.
If you manage to get into Safe Mode then there will be writing Safe Mode at the bottom left of the screen Hp.
The application should then look at the stop based on the results of the scan of ESET, in this case to me is FirewallService and SecurityService.
How To Stop SecurityService Android

Do I open the settings Menu/settings and then open ALL the tabs and search that would like to see you after distop select Turn Off, is completed. Do this step until all the malicious app stop.

that's a little bit of reviews on how to cope with the android application is installedon its own, semuga could be useful for those of you who read, thanks

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