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Scientists Discover A New Type Of Pulsar Star White Dwarf

Scientists Discover A New Type Of Pulsar Star White Dwarf

Scientists Discover A New Type Of Pulsar Star White Dwarf

Recent observation of activity of white dwarf elusive indicates that the star is acting like a pulsar whipping star running mate with strong radiation rays while spinning very fast.

A pulsar is a neutron star-type objects in the universe other than the most populous black hole. neutron stars are formed when a massive star explodes and then collapses into itself; the pulsar is unique because it emits rays of the stable (or beam) light when turning. In this case, white dwarf stars are pulsars, or the remnants of a low-mass stars that have collapsed into itself, but not nearly as dense neutron star.

This white dwarf pulsars called AR Scorpii (AR Sco), is "the first of its kind ever found in the universe," according to a statement from the University of Warwick, home to two writers who wrote the report. This new study confirms that AR Sco emitting radiation stable characteristic of the pulsar.

AR Sco is approximately 380 light years from Earth and is the same size as our planet, but the 200,000 times more massive. AR Sco is part of a binary star system (which means it orbits a companion star) and is approximately 869,900 miles (1.4 million kilometers) away from his escort, red dwarf star.

Previous research determined that AR Sco plied his star with the powerful radiation beam, resulting in a binary star system shine and Dim every 2 minutes. What's more, rays radiation accelerates the electrons in the atmosphere of other stars reach speeds nearly as fast as light, according to the statement.

Made from previous observations, this latest study shows that "the lash of energy from AR Sco was the shot focused, emit radiation concentrated in one direction-like particle accelerators – something that is truly unique in the universe," according to the statement.

The study was published January 23, 2017, in the journal Nature.

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