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The easy way to Create applications or games on Android

The easy way to Create applications or games on Android

Perhaps you're curious how to make applications or games that can run on Android we ... ?? Maybe you're one of the many people who want to know how to create an application or game. With this we can create applications or their own games then we can customize to our own desires. Especially when applications or games you can Play on the Google Store is presented and downloaded by many people certainly makes us proud. Plus, through our applications put in Google the Play we can also make money.

Sure to achieve all that it is not as easy as it turned over the hands, because to achieve something big we have to start from something small like a lot to learn and find a variety of references. Work hard and never despair until you actually become a success. Here we will be trained to use our creativity to create patterns of applications or games from scratch, such as the background, avatar, sound schemes, and so on.

The first step to be able to create a Android applications or games. There are a few things to note, among others, i.e.
1. Java
Java is the most basic things that should be known in order to create Android applications. There is a lot of information that provides web tutorials and learning java for free, please search on Google.

2. XML
Not a web developer to know XML. If you want to make Android apps you should also understand XML and colleagues specializing for interface applications as well as games for Android. But not only that that must be mastered, but you have to be diligent and persevering. Well to reference learning applications and games for Android you can visit the following sites 2.

1. Mobile Tuts +
Mobile Tuts + is one of the largest script site that provides a lot of the media learning about the making of the application or Android game. You can choose tutorial from the beginning of the material and continue gradually. A tutorial is provided on this site is also quite complete, you just need to find what you want to learn then you can develop yourself for making the Android application

2. Vogella
In addition to Mobile Tuts + you can also try the Vogella site also provides media learning Android gaming applications, especially for those of you unfamiliar this site is perfect for you. Equipped with a complete tutorial and easy to understand, from the introduction, stage, until eventually you become proficient. Here you will also find out the stages to be Android Developer that's how. Well please visit this site for more details.

Maybe that's all we can tell about how to easily create applications or games on Android, please try and good luck ^_^

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