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This Dwarf Planet Have A ' Key ' Life Like Earth?

This Dwarf Planet Have A ' Key ' Life Like Earth?

Recently, scientists again examine the dwarf planet Ceres, lying between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is believed, the planet has a ' lock ' is essential to human life.

A NASA spacecraft that monitors Ceres, The Dawn, exposing a number of evidence in which the planets have a number of areas that have organic material, such as salt, ice water, minerals are hydrated, and a few other things that are the same as the Earth.

The existence of this material has been created the theory that Ceres could be inhabited.

Research conducted at Southwest Research Institute it uncovers, some material not found from the crater area of the planet. This material comes from the lowlands are degraded.

Until recently, scientists will continue to memelajari Ceres organic material distribution and how they can be formed and evolved. Scientists will also make sure if indeed the level of similarity that accurate with the organic material on Earth.

Ceres is a planet that is known by one of its surface shining. The radiant area is called "Occator Crater", which consists of the material of the complex as the ground. Scientists are also optimistic, the surface Crater Occator made of soil material that resembles Earth.

Mere information, Occator Creater was one of a hundred points of mysterious that exists in Ceres.

Allegedly, the memendarkan point of light due to the womb salty substance Hexahydrite makes it ablaze.

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